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Your Aviation Journey Starts Here

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Flight School in Northern Colorado!

Learn to fly at the Greeley Weld Airport in beautiful Northern Colorado! Book a discovery flight in our Cessna 172's, earn your pilot license, learn to fly and enjoy the skies of Colorado! At our flight school in Greeley, Colorado, we offer several levels of flight instruction from private pilot training to commercial pilot training and instrument rating training. Our professional flight instructors are passionate about planning your individualized flight training program to maximize the learning process to save you money. 


Come to Northern Colorado to fly in our Cessna 172's, earn your pilot license, and enjoy the skies of Colorado!

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Are you thinking you’d like to learn to fly? Join us on a $209 discovery flight to see what flying is all about! See the view of Northern Colorado from above during your first flying lesson! Your flight instructor will take you on a journey and allow you to fly the plane once you are in the air.

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Learning to fly is a combination of acquiring aeronautical knowledge, flight proficiency, and flight experience.  At Summit Flight Training, our Private Pilot Certificate (PPL) program is comprehensive but also requires you to put in the work!


Certified Flight Instructors hold the key to training the next generation of aviators. It is a rewarding career that allows you to mentor and teach your future colleagues! If you are interested in becoming a CFI in Colorado, we can help you become an effective instructor.


A Commercial Pilot rating allows you to refine your flying skills so you can be compensated as a pilot. This rating enables you to reach your highest aspirations, whether you continue on as a career flight instructor or fly a 787 for an airline. We offer a comprehensive program that will help you achieve this rating quickly so you can start getting paid to fly!


Mountain flight training is a great way to build your confidence in the challenging and beautiful terrain that makes flight training in Northern Colorado so special! John Denver wasn’t exaggerating when he described our cathedral mountains and the silver clouds below. Mountain flying is one of the best perks of living in Northern Colorado!


Your instrument training will focus on flying the airplane by reference to flight instruments only. Achieving this rating is one of the best things a pilot can do to develop more precise flying techniques. Summit Flight Training will help you become a proficient instrument pilot, one of the most rewarding experiences in aviation.


Summit Flight Training is always striving to help our students achieve their aviation goals. If you are looking for a flight school in the Northern Colorado area, you’ve come to the right place! The best way to get started with your aviation journey is to schedule your discovery flight or first lesson with us.  Contact us for more information!


“The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.”
- Walter Raleigh


Summit Flight Training was founded by Corrie Stevens and Andrew Chung, who wanted to create a community in which any lifelong learner in aviation would feel welcome. From their backgrounds in education, Corrie and Andrew understand that a positive, fun, and safe environment promotes understanding and achievement. Summit Flight Training combines a student-centered approach with high-quality instruction in order to maximize learning. 


In addition to flight instruction, Summit Flight Training also strives to facilitate connections among learners and professionals. We believe that both students and flight instructors thrive when they have access to diverse facets of the aviation community. 


Summit Flight Training is proud to be co-owned by a female pilot. Because less than 10% of pilots are women, Summit Flight Training is passionate about creating a space where women are encouraged and uplifted throughout their flight training and beyond.


The next step in your aviation journey is just a phone call away.


Why is the Greeley-Weld County Airport an amazing General Aviation airport for Flight Training?

  • We are an uncontrolled airport meaning there’s no control tower on the airfield

  • Because we are an uncontrolled airport, we don't have to wait for taxi, takeoff or landing clearances or have to wait for any type of clearances from Air Traffic Control. This allows our students to learn to fly without external pressures coming from a control tower.

  • There is good complexity available at the airport: Multiple runways with instrument approaches, multiple taxiways, high traffic environment to navigate, crossing runways, and utilizing outbound vs inbound taxiways.

  • We have a runway with a right traffic pattern allowing the ability to practice standard and non-standard traffic patterns.

  • Our airport is in close proximity to practice areas, saving time and money when flying to and from the practice areas.

  • We are in close proximity to a VOR for navigation practice, towered airports for towered operations, which allows for so many different flight training opportunities when learning tower ops.

Learning to fly at the Greeley, Colorado Airport ~ Join our fantastic General Aviation community!

Our airport allows our students to explore all avenues of aviation! It is has an extremely friendly environment geared towards General Aviation. You will have access to people from all different aspects of aviation.




At Summit Flight Training, we believe that quality instruction starts with well-maintained and cared for aircraft.  We have extremely high standards in aircraft upkeep and we train our students to take care of our equipment, as many of them will own their own airplanes in the future.  Our maintenance team follows a stringent 50-hour oil change and inspection as well as a 100-hour service and inspection, in accordance with FAA regulations.

     N160RF | Cherokee 140/160 | $176/hr


N8883Y | Piper Twin Comanche | $6500 ME Package



Proud Sponsors of the Colorado Spartans!

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