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About Us

Summit Flight Training was founded by Corrie Stevens and Andrew Chung, who wanted to create a community in which any lifelong learner in aviation would feel welcome. From their backgrounds in education, Corrie and Andrew understand that a positive, fun, and safe environment promotes understanding and achievement. Summit Flight Training combines a student-centered approach with high-quality instruction in order to maximize learning. 


In addition to flight instruction, Summit Flight Training also strives to facilitate connections among learners and professionals. We believe that both students and flight instructors thrive when they have access to diverse facets of the aviation community. 


Summit Flight Training is proud to be co-owned by a female pilot. Because less than 10% of pilots are women, Summit Flight Training is passionate about creating a space where women are encouraged and uplifted throughout their flight training and beyond.


The next step in your aviation journey is just a phone call away.

Contact Us For A Discovery Flight!

Looking for flight training in Northern Colorado? You’ve come to the right place. Summit Flight Training is here to help you take the next step in your aviation journey. Schedule your discovery flight with us today to get started!

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